Change management with Operational Excellence and Lean methods is not just an approach; it is a cultural shift.

By integrating these methods into the company's DNA, we not only create efficient processes but also a mindset that embraces change as a constant opportunity for improvement.

Operational Excellence focuses on optimizing processes and eliminating waste, while Lean encourages continuous improvement through resource optimization and value creation. This symbiosis offers a solid foundation for change management by providing structured methods to identify, implement, and evaluate changes within the organization.

Incorporating these methods makes the company more agile, adaptable, and resilient to changes. Leaders must not only implement these tools but also foster a culture where employees feel comfortable with change and see it as an opportunity for growth.

Change management through Operational Excellence and Lean methods is not just a toolbox; it is a philosophy that transforms the company's approach to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth.

Change Management and green agenda

We define organizational change management as the identification of groups and people who will need to change their behaviour as the result of a specific project, and in what ways they will need to change.

Organizational change management then involves creating an individual plan for ensuring those employees to receive the support, leadership, coaching, and training they need in order to change successfully.

Operational Excellence

Our method of working with Operational Excellence in an organization is based on an overall holistic thinking that enables leadership and corporate targets and goals to be distributed through management layers to employees and backwards in terms of KPI reports and an individual and standardized way of working with corporate goals. 

Lean and Kanban

The overall target of working with Kanban is to provide a structure for the approach of actual tasks and their priority.

To prioritize systematically based on precise and agreed criteria and various techniques.

Kanban provides insight and understanding of key subjects in an unpredictable daily working process.

Understand your processes as they occour in real life and learn how to deal with them. 

Digital Strategy

Disruption is one of the most popular terms in management
today. The surge in interest comes largely from the dramatic
opportunities and threats being created by today’s powerful
and interconnected digital technologies.

Understand how digital can disrupt your industry develop compelling value propositions
that allow you to turn disruption from a threat to an

Execute on digital strategies by aligning key activities
across your organisation with new value propositions and
by balancing strategic agility for a digital world with the
longer-term perspective required to build key resources.

How may we help you?

SL Management is a Danish owned management consultancy company established in 2010.

We focus on developing and implementing strategies, operational management by turning strategies into business opportunities by improving business processes, cost structures, the information and document flow.

Operational Excellence, IT systems integration and digitalization is one of the key issues in this matter.

We take ownership in providing our clients a stronger business growth and becoming more efficient to increase customer value and generate additional revenue.